iLashology was created to bring you the
latest in Beauty trends.

In  the world's biggest city, it only makes sense that expectations for beauty services be just as large!  Our commitment to our clients is to constantly raise our craft to a higher level, keeping up with cutting edge services, products and education. We pledge to continue to offer personal care that caters to your individual needs.

  • Quality of Lashes - iLashology buys their lashes from the most reputable lash manufacturers.  The lashes are made of synthetic polymer or 100% cruelty free Siberian mink and come in a variety of lengths, curls, colors and thicknesses.

  • Hombre lashes -  A rich dark black at the base with a brilliant colored tip in various colors such as dark emerald green, midnight blue or dark purple tipped are our most popular colors, Hombre lashes help accentuate, lighten and brighten the natural beauty and color of one’s natural eye color and lashes.

  • Quality of Adhesive- iLashology uses the best adhesives on the market.  This medical grade adhesive is extra resistant;  withstanding heat, sweat and water- so exercise and swim your heart out!

  • Health & Safety Standards - The medical grade adhesive used at iLashology is free of any toxic and cancer causing chemicals, including formaldehyde.  We sustain the highest level of safety when sterilizing our tools and products between client appointments.

  • Client Experience - iLashology is not your typical lash bar.  We offer a much more personalized and intimate studio experience where you come to relax and escape the pressures of city life.

  • Education Background - Linda Howard has been at the forefront of the lash industry for the last 10 years.  She holds numerous certifications with some of the top lash industry educators including: Lavish Lashes, Jane Beauty, Butterfly Lash Solutions, NovaLash, The Lashe, PremierLash, and Nadia Afanaseva.  Linda is a NY and Florida state licensed esthetician with great knowledge and experience in skincare.