Eyelash Extensions Services in Upper East Side, NY

The Best of New York City Classic Eyelash Extensions

Wake up with an "instant pretty" look every day!

Lashes that fit your lifestyle.
Anything but ordinary lashes!

Completely customizable, from subtle and natural to full on glam and everything in between.  Your iLashology professional will recommend the appropriate lashes for your eyes and guide you based on your current lash health and lifestyle for a signature look and style created just for you!





Full Set - Instant pretty!  100% of your fully matured eyelashes will be extended.  Ideal for anyone who would like to wake up with thicker, longer, more defined lashes, without the need for mascara or eyelash curler.  Perfect for special occasions, vacations, and everyday wear.  We mix lash extensions that vary in length, width, texture, color and degree of curvature, to achieve your desired result. 

Master Lash Artist $300 Approx (2 to 2 1/2 hours)

Supplement + $50 100% Siberian mink


Our Mink lashes are from a well respected company Lavish Lashes® and are by far the softest, most luxurious Eyelash Extension on the market today.  Lavish Lashes® has entered into an exclusive agreement with one of the most respected Mink Ranches in the world.




Half Set- Anything but ordinary!  About 50% of your lashes will be extended. Ideal for clients who already have long lashes and would like to build volume.  Most clients wear our approved mascara with the half set.

Master Lash Artist - $195  Approx (60 to 90 minutes)

Supplement + $30 100% Siberian mink


Touch ups:

Master lash artist: $100 hr

Supplements: 100% Siberian mink + $30


Quick fix- Approx (30 to 45 minutes)

This is not a touch up.  Need a few more lashes for an event or fill in a gap or two.


Master lash artist: $75 to $90


Removals: We understand that you may only need your lashes enhanced for a one time special event (i.e. a wedding, party, vacation).  If you need to have your lash extensions removed for any reason, removals are always free of charge for iLashology clientele.  Removals are also always free of charge for a Full Set.


Otherwise, fees below apply for lashes done elsewhere


Master Lash Artist: $60